Sigma Phi Epsilon Rose Bowl

Sigma Phi Epsilon had their annual “Rose Bowl” this past weekend, a sorority powder-puff game held in the Bobcat Stadium. All ticket sales were donated to their national philanthropy, Big Brother Big Sisters. The sororities love participating in the Rose Bowl, not only because it’s a great cause but also because it’s so much fun!

Last year Chi Omega held the winning title, this year Pi Phi managed to take it. We are excited to find out who it will be next fall!

Homecoming for Fraternity & Sorority Life

Homecoming was a great weekend for Fraternity & Sorority life as always! We showed our bobcat pride on our floats during the “show your vim” homecoming parade, cheered our team on loud and proud from the front rows of the stadium, and supported our members who were running for homecoming king or queen.

Candidates for Homecoming King & Queen are carefully chosen in a long process that started in the spring and that entails many campus groups submitting a candidate, and then those

Ashlyn and Sydney, both running for queen from AOPi

Ashlyn and Sydney, both running for queen from AOPi

candidates doing things such as submitting their activities and being interviewed. Out of the total eight candidates who remained in the running for students to vote on, SIX were from fraternities and sororities. That’s awesome! It shows how dedicated our members are to being active on campus and in the community.

The candidates from FS Life were:

  • Aaron Blaser, president of Kappa Sigma
  • Ashyln Alsberg, Panhellenic president and from Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Jen Marshall, member of Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Lane Nordlund, member of Alpha Gamma Rho
  • Rachel Bradford, member of Chi Omega
  • Sydney Sherick, member of Alpha Omicron Pi

They all made a good run for it, but the winner was….


Jen and Lane, Crowned King and Queen

Jen and Lane, Crowned King and Queen

Congratulations to Jen and Lane! We look forward to another great homecoming next year!

The New Member Experience

Being a new member is truly an amazing experience. As you learn about what makes the chapter you joined so important and why the members feel so passionate about Sorority & Fraternity life, you gain a community that will support you and become your MSU family in so many ways.

Later in the semester, you can check back for a post where new members talk about what the experience has been like for them. For now, check out these pictures to get a glimpse!

Community: In House and Out

One of the things we in Fraternity & Sorority Life love the most is how strong the sense of community is.

You have your own small community in the chapter you join, where your brothers or sisters will support you in all that you do and push you to be the best you can. Every Fraternity & Sorority sets aside times during the semester where the whole chapter can spend time together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lip sync battle, community service, a dinner, or anything else- the point is, you get to spend time all together showing what Sororities & Fraternities feel so strongly about: Sisterhood & Brotherhood.

Outside of your chapter community, there is the greater Fraternity & Sorority Community. Each house is founded off of similar values and the members join for similar reasons, so it makes sense that we would naturally want to spend time with each other. To do this, all of the houses coordinate events throughout the year where they can get to know each other and continue to strengthen their relationships. Having a Fraternity & Sorority community to rely on and who understand what it means to be a part of an organization bigger than yourself is truly an amazing experience.

Alpha Omicron Pi Gets Defensive

Alpha Omicron Pi learned some “pretty fierce moves” (in their words) in self defense. Two instructors, Troy and Chris, from Mountain Self Defense came over to AOII and taught them how they can defend themselves if ever needed. The women had a lot of fun and gained a lot of knowledge! How awesome that they took that extra step to make sure their women can protect themselves if ever necessary!

Pi Kappa Alpha Remembers 9/11

Fire Dept. BBQ310592852_799407506770951_802922031580651001_n

On the anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies in American history, the members of  Pi Kappa Alpha at Montana State University felt that it was important to honor the lives of the nearly 3,000 Americans who were lost thirteen years ago.

So, last Thursday, September 11, the men of Pi Kappa Alpha traveled to two of the Bozeman fire stations to barbecue for the firefighters. The men chose to do this so that they could thank the Bozeman firefighters for their service to the community and pay tribute to the fallen heroes that have served this country.

The firefighters were incredibly appreciative, and the men of Pike felt that this event was so important that they want to continue the tribute for years to come.

What an awesome thing for the men of Pi Kappa Alpha to do; we are lucky to have them as a part of our Fraternity & Sorority Community here at MSU.

Sorority Recruitment Fall 2014

Group Shot

Recruitment week was the first week of school, starting on August 25th with an information session and ending on the 29th with a fun Bid Day! Want to know what went on during and in between those times? Look no further, we will break it down for you!

Monday, August 25th, 4-6pm: Orientation

  • The prospective sorority women met with the panhellenic officers and recruitment counselors to get all the info on what could be expected for the week. They got information on each of the houses, the costs, and the schedule, and had the chance to ask any questions they may have. At 6, they headed over to convocation to listen to the amazing  Shiza Shahid talk (which all the fraternities and sororities attended as well)

Tuesday, August 26th, 5-8:50: House Tours

  • The prospective sorority women broke up into four groups and spent time at all four houses, getting to know the women as they were given tours of each house and information about what it is really like to live in a sorority. At the end of the night, they headed back to the SUB and ranked which houses they felt most eager to return to.

Wednesday, August 27th, 5-7:50: Philanthropy and Sisterhood Night

  • The prospective sorority women broke into groups and each woman went back to a maximum of three houses (based off of their rankings from the previous night). At the houses they returned to, they were introduced to more women in the chapter and learned about two things we hold near to our hearts: our philanthropies and our sisterhoods. At the end of the night, they returned to the SUB to again rank which houses they felt most “at home” with

Thursday, August 28th, 5-7:40: Preference night

  • Each prospective woman returned to a maximum of two houses for the final night of recruitment week. At each house, the settings were much more intimate as it is the last chance for the prospective women and sorority women to get to know each other and make a decision about whether the chapter was the right place for them. After leaving, the prospective women did their final ranking and went to bed waiting excitedly for the next day…

Friday, August 29th, 5:30pm: BID DAY!!

  • Throughout the day, the prospective sorority women went to the SUB to pick up their “bids”, or invitation join a chapter house. If they accepted their invitation, they received a special bid day t-shirt from the house they chose, which they had to hide until the actual event at 5:30. When the event time came, the sorority women met up on campus, singing songs and cheering as they waited to discover who their new members would be (it’s a suprise!). The new members were called one by one to com to the middle of the area and reveal the t-shirt they were wearing under their jacket. This is by far the most fun day of recruitment week and everyone’s favorite! So much excitement and happiness in the air as each chapter welcomes all their new members!

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Catapalooza 2014: Go Fraternity & Sorority Life!

We Fraternity & Sorority Members here at MSU just LOVE Catapalooza, because it gives us a chance to tell everyone why we also love being a member of Fraternity & Sorority Life!

Didn’t get the chance to walk up and down Catapalooza or see all of our booths? Don’t worry, you can see them here!


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Recommend Someone!

Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Friendship.  These are the four pillars of Fraternity and Sorority Life that reflects the value of members. Do you know of a future or current MSU student, who should be considering membership in a chapter? If so, please submit a recommendation ,which will then be forwarded onto chapter recruitment officers.  Even if your prospective member has not expressed interest in Fraternity & Sorority life, recruitment officers/committee will gladly encourage participation and extend an invitation to visit with chapter members. There is no contract or obligation to join a chapter during recruitment. At the very least, they’ll be making new friends and getting a taste of being part of one of the most-motivated groups of students on campus.

For recommendations email:

List the name of the student, hometowns, high school, and parent information. Groups will be looking for testaments to the young man/woman and/or their family, involvements and activities during high school (or college if continuing student or transferring), and their academic record if possible (gpa). If you are recommending a person to a particular chapter, please highlight as such and it will be forwarded to that chapter.

By providing us with your prospective member, the student will be called noting they have been recommended, and your name may be shared with them. Often times, students feel good about being recommended and may further consider Fraternity & Sorority life membership because someone else thought they should. Thank you!

Q&A: Mandy Hedstrom, AOPi Alumna and Educational Leadership Consultant

Mandy 5Mandy1 

What year did you graduate/become an alum of AOII? What was your degree?

  • I graduated in Spring 2013 with a degree in Cell Biology & Neuroscience.

What is an “Educational Leadership Consultant” in simple terms?

AOPi ELC's for 2103-2014

AOPi ELC’s for 2103-2014

  • An Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) is an international representative of Alpha Omicron Pi who serves as an organization development consultant for Chapters across the nation and Canada. As an ELC, I assessed group effectiveness and recommended strategic improvement plans, and provided training and assistance in recruitment and overall Chapter management.

Why did you apply for the job?

  • Although there are many reasons that I applied for the job, the main reason is that I wanted to be able to give back to the organization that has done so much for me and shaped me into the woman I have become today. I wanted to share the knowledge that I had gained with other sisters to help enhance their membership experience, and help make it the best that it can be.
Mandy 4

Spance Mountain at Disneyland

What was your favorite part of the job?

  • My favorite part of the job was being able to travel and meet sisters from all over! Each Chapter that I visited may have been in a different region or had a different background, but ultimately, we all share the same values. It was truly inspiring to know that no matter how far from home I went, I still had a home wherever my sisters were.

Share some experience you had/places you traveled/etc.

  • During my time as an ELC, I traveled to 21 different AOII Chapters in 19 different states and Canada, for a total of over 35,000 miles in 9 months.  My first semester of being an ELC, I had the pleasure of traveling in the South and along the East coast, which being a Montana native was a new experience! A few of the experiences that stand out to be would be:
  1. Helping to colonize a brand new Chapter at Sam Houston State University. I was able to help recruit
    Colony Members from Sam Houston State University (Mandy in Green)

    Colony Members from Sam Houston State University (Mandy in Green)

    the women to build a new Chapter from the ground up and help start them off the right foot towards becoming an AOII Chapter.

  2. Assisting with our Purdue Chapter’s first recruitment since being reinstalled as a Chapter.  I have never witnessed a recruitment as large as the one I saw at Purdue University. Purdue has 21 Panhellenic organizations and over 1,500 potential new members go through formal recruitment.  It was a really awesome experience to help out with a recruitment so different from the one at Montana State University.
  3. Being a resident consultant for our new Chapter at the University of Washington. We recolonized our UW Chapter, and I was able to reside in Seattle for the majority of Spring semester to help the Chapter with everything from day to day operations, to helping the officers better understand their roles, to helping with their recruitment plans.  It was great to be able to be in one place for weeks at a time to help build stronger relationships with the women I was working with. I also had the opportunity to live in the Chapter house with the women!

What motivated you to do this job?

  • Originally what motivated me was to be able to give back AOII, but what motivated me to continue
    Bid Day at South Eastern Louisiana University

    Bid Day at South Eastern Louisiana University

    the job everyday was the women that I encountered. The women that I had the pleasure of meeting were so eager and willing to learn everything that they could about AOII. This motivated me to give me best every day, because while that may have been my 20th Chapters visit, it was going to be their only consultant visit for the year and they still deserved my best.

What are you doing now?

  • I just started a job this month at Montana State University as an Admissions Representative, while also getting my Masters in Public Health.

Will you stay involved with AOII?

  • Absolutely! I have now learned that AOII is truly for a lifetime, not just for four years.  This organization is so much a part of me, that I cannot imagine my life without it. I am now an active member of our AOII Alumnae Chapter in Bozeman, and will also be serving as Communications Adviser for our AOII Chapter here at MSU.

What does being in a sorority mean to you?

  • Being in sorority is truly a life-changing experience. It means having someone there every step of
    AO-Pied in the  Face Philanthropy Event

    AO-Pied in the Face Philanthropy Event

    the way to encourage you to be your best, and helping bring you up when you fall. My sorority experience provided me with numerous opportunities for personal growth, leadership experience, service opportunities, professional development, and alumnae connections, but most importantly it has given me countless unforgettable memories and the best friends that I person can ask for.  I cannot begin to describe everything that AOII has done for me, and I am thankful every day that I was brave enough to give sorority life a chance, because my life has never been the same since joining AOII.

Other Comments:

  • If I had to describe my ELC experience in one word, it would be irreplaceable. When I accepted my bid to AOII less than 5 years ago, I could have never imagined what was to come in the years to follow. I would have never imagined that I would have the opportunity to travel the country and lead young women on their own AOII journey. My experience as an ELC was unlike any other, where I not only had the opportunity to meet the most incredible women, but I also learned a lot about myself along the way.

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