Fireside: Women’s Health

This past Tuesday was a fireside for the sororities only on Women’s Health, hosted at Chi Omega. A small group of women attended, and were able to ask questions regarding women’s health to a licensed staff member of the student health service on campus. Once everyone got all their questions out, the sorority women played a little condom bingo to test their knowledge. It was fun, and is always one of our most interesting firesides- we look forward to doing it again next year!


Greek week has come and gone, and it was a blast. If you don’t know what “Greek Week” is, it is a week where the Fraternities and Sororities compete for the title of Greek Week champions. I don’t know that the results are in yet, but fun was had by all. Check out the pictures below to see the Greek Week events (photos courtesy of Chi Omega and Kyra Morrissey):

  • Tuesday: Snacks in front of Montana Hall


  • Wednesday: MESSY TWISTER
  • Thursday: Faculty Appreciation Day and Capture the Flag
  • Friday: Chariot Races and an end of the week BBQ

Swishes For Wishes

Chi Omega pulled off their annual philanthropy event, Swishes for Wishes, which benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Check out the pictures below to see the Chi Omega’s at the event (left) and the winning teams from each bracket (right).

Cycle For Life

Pi Kappa Alpha had their second annual Cycle for Life, an event at the gym where individuals can cycle for an hour or more and donate money to blood cancer research in the process. The men of Pike are still counting up the total, but are proud to say it was a huge success overall! Lots of participation and donations from the Fraternity and Sorority as well as campus community. What a great cause!

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Check out what else Pike is up to on their page

Pick Your Philanthropy!

A few of the Fraternities and Sororities are in full gear this time of the semester preparing for their various philanthropies. Check ‘em out:

  • Pi Beta Phi Burgers for Benefits: Fuddruckers, April 5th, 6-8pm, raising money for the Pi Beta Phi Friendship Fund. Buy some burgers, play some games, have some fun.


  • Pi Kappa Alpha Cycle for Life: Raise money while working out for Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Melanoma cancer research. Friday, March 28th, 11am-5pm


  • Chi Omega Swishes for Wishes: Engage in some friendly competition and fun at the 3v3 basketball tournament, to raise money for Make-A-Wish Montana. Sunday, March 30th!


  • Word on the street is that Kappa Sigma has something in the works as well- more details to come!


AOPi Public Relations Dinner

Alpha Omicron Pi had their annual public relations dinner this past week. Fancy!

MSU Friday Panel

If you ever attend an MSU Friday, you have the awesome opportunity to attend the Fraternity/Sorority Panel AND the Fraternity and Sorority house tours!! Look for them on your schedule when you get here!

Panel of Sorority and Fraternity members to answer your questions!

Panel of Sorority and Fraternity members to answer your questions!

Spring Break: FS Life Style

Spring Break was just last week, and Fraternity and Sorority members took full advantage. While some went home and spent time with families and friends, many others traveled with their Fraternity and Sorority friends to vacation spots and each others hometowns. Check out some of the fun:

FS Life in ASMSU

Congratulations to Destini French, who has won the election to become ASMSU (student body government) President for the 2014-2015 Academic Year! Destini joined AOPi this past Fall, and has been a leader in the MSU community for much longer than that, as an Orientation Leader and Athletes Club President among other leadership commitments.

Destini French ran for President along with Jordan Garceau who ran as her vice-president. Here is the statement they put out when they ran:


L to R: Jordan Garceau, Destini French

“I am Destini French (Los Angeles, CA), and I am Jordan Garceau (Glendive, MT). We are running for ASMSU President and Vice-President, in order to represent the great student body of Montana State. Both of us have a wide range of experience in leadership across campus, including Orientation and Admissions, Athletics, Residence Life, Greek Life, and many others. With our wide variety of involvement throughout campus, we understand the needs of MSU. When in office, our main focus will be to bring the individuals of our campus together as one united community. We truly believe that without the support from the individuals in one’s environment, success is hard to obtain. As a team, we will work to make MSU students more involved, aware, and empowered, in order to make their experience most memorable. The campus has so many great services and opportunities just waiting to be utilized by students. We want our students to not only be knowledgeable about opportunities offered, but also feel comfortable to step out, take advantage, and grow in their own leadership abilities. If elected, we will connect the students and faculty across organizations and campus for the common goal of bettering MSU. “

Congratulations Destini and another congratualtions to Lexie Kambich from Chi Omega and Cody Howell from Sig. Ep., upcoming Senators in ASMSU for the College of Letters and Science. Way to represent!

Fireside: Nutrition

4The first Fireside of the semester was this past Tuesday at Pi Kappa Alpha, for the Fraternities and Sororities to attend. If you don’t remember what a Fireside is, it is really just a presentation or talk with individuals from MSU or the Community on a specific topic. For this Fireside:

  • Topic: Nutrition. Specifically: Weekend Nutrition, since most Fraternities or Sororities have meals Monday-Thursday, and are left to fend for themselves on the weekends.
  • Presenters: Julie Goyette- Dietitian/Nutritionist for Student Health Service and Marie Nelson- Interim Health Education Specialist at Student Health Service

There were about 20 people present at this Fireside (it’s a busy week with exams and things due before spring break!). The presenters shared some information on nutrition, then broke the group up into smaller teams for a competition. All teams were assigned two items at a fast food place and had to report back the calories, fat, saturated fat and sodium in their “meal”. It’s a little scary how bad for you just one food item and one drink can be from a fast food place…

Julie also answered anonymous questions that were written down throughout the presentation, from how much exercise is “too much” to whether a vegetarian or vegan diet is a healthy diet.

Julie and Marie were great presenters and we hope they can present to us again!


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