Summer Orientation- Learn About Us!

Freshmen orientation is here! If you are looking to learn more about fraternity and sorority life, see us at our “cookies and milk” session, information booth, or panel.

“Cookies and Milk” is on Monday night of orientation at 11:30pm. We provide the cookies and the milk, and chat with you to give you some general information and answer your questions.

We will have a booth at the Community Fair on Tuesday from 1:15-4:35. One sorority member and one fraternity member will be at the booth to talk and answer your questions.

Our panel will be going on at the same time as the Community Fair. Choose us as one of your sessions to hear from a panel of fraternity and sorority members about why they joined, and ask them questions!

Caring About Our Community

Our Sorority Women and Fraternity Men dedicate much of their time and effort to give back to the community. Two great examples:

The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon worked with Habitat for Humanity in April and accomplished a great deal on the house they were working to build.


The men of Kappa Sigma helped the Cancer Support Community by giving a fence the staining it needed!


The men of Alpha Gamma Rho had no problem heading to Townsend, MT to help a friend at a ranch, or heading to Big Timber, MT to help rebuild a baseball field



The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, as many of the Fraternities do, hosted a blood drive this spring. No pictures from that, since we don’t want to make anyone squeamish!

The Women of Pi Beta Phi lended a hand at the Montana Ballet Company’s “Carnival of the Animals”


The men of Kappa Sigma and the women of Alpha Omicron Pi teamed up to get students to “Take the Pledge” to raise awareness of sexual assault on our campus



We blog a lot about sisterhood events, so this post is to give you an idea of the fun of brotherhood!

Kappa Sigma has an annual “Snow Bowl” where their older members battle the younger members for glory and bragging rights. Winners this year? 35-7, the older members, of course.

Sigma Phi Epsilon held their annual brotherhood retreat, filled with fun and learning. Here’s a picture of just a few of the members doing their best job at modeling. The picture below that is one of a brotherhood bonfire earlier in the semester at Hyalite



The men of Pi Kappa Alpha are always willing to have a brotherhood if it involves a good BBQ


Greek Week 2015

Greek week, a friendly competition among the fraternities and sorority, was held in April this year. A committee had worked hard all semester to determine the competitions and point breakdowns, receiving input from fraternity and sorority members and revising the previous years competitions. Here is the breakdown of what the week entailed:

Round One: Bubble Soccer

Round 2: Lip Sync

Round 3: Chariot Races (see our facebook page for video)

End of Greek Week: BBQ at Kappa Sigma

The competitions were fun and friendly. Pi Beta Phi received the winning title, but it was a close match!

Awards Ceremony 2015: Celebrating the Accomplishments of 2014

Each Spring, we have an awards ceremony celebrating the Fraternity and Sorority chapter and individual accomplishments of the previous year. All of the chapters fill out an awards packet, and then an Awards Committee of seven people go through them and determine which chapters will receive which awards. Current members, alumni, and distinguished faculty and staff attend to announce the awards. Read on to see what the night looked like!

Kenzie Redmond, Panhellenic President, and Colton Coffee, IFC president, were the announcers for the night. They did a fantastic job!

Jim McCray was the Guest Speaker. Mr.McCray is a Montana local and an incredibly successful individual with experience and knowledge in National Fundraising and Development. He has set historic fundraising records in Montana, Kansas, Utah and North Dakota. He spoke to the attendees about what it truly means to represent a fraternity or sorority, and how to get the most out of your experience.

Academic Achievement Awards were presented by Dr. Matt Caires, Dean of Students, to the following chapters:

  • Alpha Omicron Pi: New Member Academic Achievement award for their new member GPA average of 3.03
  • Chi Omega: Chapter Academic Achievement Award for their chapter GPA of 3.25
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon: New Member AND Chapter Academic Achievement Award for their New Member GPA of 3.46 and chapter GPA of 3.4

Campus Involvement Awards were presented by Kelly Hunter, Pi Kappa Alpha Advisor, to the following chapters:

  • Sigma Chi for their dedication to involvement on campus. They are a part of a combined 50 campus organizations in which many of the members hold leadership positions and have hosted a number of events on campus to help raise awareness for different causes.
  • Alpha Omicron Pi for their tireless involvement in the campus community; they attend sporting events as a group, hold a number of leadership positions across campus, and strive to constantly represent and reflect their values.

Philanthropy and Community Service Awards were presented by Ariel Donahue, program manager of the Diversity Awareness Office to the following chapters:

  • Alpha Gamma Delta: Philanthropy Award AND Community Service Award, for their commitment to contributing to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, which provides grants that support individual living with diabetes, gives financial support to members in emergency situations, and funds volunteer and leadership training opportunities. In total the members of AGD contributed a total of 2,500 hours of service to the community.
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon: Community Service Award for their dedication to contributing over 2,000 hours of service to organizations from the Bozeman Senior Center to Eagle Mount to the Community Cafe
  • Alpha Gamma Rho: Philanthropy Award for their incredibly successful “Testy Fest” every Fall, which raises over $4,000 for charities across Montana

Recruitment Excellence Awards were presented by Rachel Randash, chapter advisor for Chi Omega, to the following chapters:

  • Alpha Omicron Pi: 10 new members Spring of 2014, 23 new members Fall of 2014
  • Pi Kappa Alpha: 6 new members Spring of 2014, 25 new members Fall of 2014

Delta Gamma Scholarship presented by Jaynee Groseth, president Emerita of the MSU Alumni Foundation:

  • Kenzie Redmond, member of Pi Beta Phi and president of Panhellenic, for her passion for becoming a better woman through sorority life

Fraternity New Member of the Year and Fraternity Member of the Year presented by Jaynee Groseth to:

  • Connor Hoffman won the Fraternity New Member of the Year Award. Connor is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and has been a driven and involved member, holding leadership positions in his fraternity and involving himself in the community
  • John Yakawich won Fraternity Member of the Year. John is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and has dedicated his time at MSU to leadership and service within his fraternity and community

Sorority New Member of the Year and Sorority Member of the Year presented by Ray Knox, Chapter Advisor of Alpha Gamma Rho to:

  • Jessica Donahoo won Sorority New Member of the Year for her work to strengthen and improve the bonds in her sorority and in the community however she can
  • Madison Brown won Sorority Member of the Year for her dedication to bettering her community, her chapter, and herself.

Alumni Excellence Awards presented by Gianna Vanata, Associate Director of Development at the MSU Alumni Foundation to the following individuals: Bill Hurlbert (Sigma Nu), Kim Miller (Pi Beta Phi), Kaylee Bradford (Chi Omega), Rachel Randash (Chi Omega), Brad Brown (Sigma Phi Epsilon), Paul Boylan (Sigma Chi)

Advisor of the Year awards presented by Kerry Hanson, Vice President of Alumni Relations at the MSU Alumni Foundation to the following individuals:

  • Kelly Hunter, Advisor for Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Amy Horton, Advisor for Chi Omega

And finally…. FRATERNITY AND SORORITY CHAPTER OF THE YEAR. Presented by Dr. Chris Kearns, Vice President for Student Success to….

  • ALPHA OMICRON PI! The women of Alpha Omicron Pi have shown themselves to be dedicated to success in all areas of sorority life. This award is WELL deserved
  • SIGMA PHI EPSILON! The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon have dedicated themselves to excelling in as many areas as possible, and it has paid off!

And so concluded the Awards Celebration. We look forward to another great year!

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Get Involved!

Looking to get involved on campus? Joining a Fraternity or Sorority may be the perfect way to do it! If you ever go to an MSU involvement fair, check out our booths.

Fraternity Spring Recruitment

Fraternity Spring Recruitment has begun, which really just means the fraternities have been trying to hold events and let students know that they can still join!

This past week, the Fraternities came together and had a bonfire in one of the lots on campus. They invited anyone and everyone interested in joining a Fraternity so that they could get to know the men. From here, most fraternities have individual events to get to know interested men, anything from just hanging out at their house to Kappa Sigma’s annual “car smash”.

Are you interested in joining a fraternity? Sign up on our website:

2015 Leadership Retreat: Starting the Year off Right

2015 is off to a strong start for Sorority & Fraternity Life after the annual Leadership Retreat on Tuesday, January 13th. Presidents from each chapter came together with leaders from IFC and Panhellenic from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm to gain skills and knowledge regarding leadership and engage in discussion about their goals for this year. The schedule was as follows:

  • 9:00-10:00: Introductions and opening session by: Jaynee Groseth, President Emerita MSU Alumni Assoc.; Rolf Groseth, MSU Billings Chancellor; and Matt Caires, Dean of Students
  • 10:00-12:00: Strengths Assessment with Amy Snyder, Assistant Director of Residence Life
  • 12:00-1:00: Lunch with advisor and faculty guest
  • 1:00-2:00: Guest Speakers- Janell Barber from The Office of Institutional Equity, Hannah Stark and Joe Schumacher from the VOICE Center, and Rachel Randash from The Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success
  • 2:00-3:00: Presidents/ IFC/ Panhellenic goal setting and round table discussion led by Panhellenic President Kenzie Redmond and IFC President Colton Coffee
  • 3:00-4:00: QPR Suicide Training with Brian Kassar

The Fraternity and Sorority Leaders left prepared for and looking forward to a fantastic semester!

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Fraternity & Sorority Alumni Summit

During homecoming weekend, Fraternity and Sorority Alumni from all chapters and years were invited to attend a summit to mingle and listen to speakers talk about their experiences and the progress and importance of Fraternity & Sorority life at MSU today. Alumni reminisced about their fraternal experiences here at Montana State and had the opportunity to reconnect with their brothers and sisters. It was a fun and memorable evening for Fraternity and Sorority members, and a great way to re-engage!

A Helpful Halloween

Alpha Gamma Delta and Chi Omega both spent Halloween night giving back.

Alpha Gamma Delta participated in their annual “Trick or Treat for Change” where they and other Fraternity and Sorority members who wanted to help went door to door collecting change. They raised over $1,600 for Juvenile Diabetes Research and the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation. That’s amazing!

Chi Omega had an “Owl-O-Ween” event at their home from 5-7, where treats and activities for the whole family were provided. Such a fun and kind thing to do for the community!

What amazing women our sorority women are, to spend their Halloween night giving back!

Chi O HalloweenPictures of other fun Sorority & Fraternity Halloween Happenings:


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