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Help Us Out- Can the Griz!


The 14th annual Can the Griz Food Drive begins on November 9th, and we want your help!

If you don’t know what it is, Can the Griz is an “off-field” competition between MSU and the University of Montana to see which community can collect the most donations for their local food banks. From November 9th until November 23rd, donations of money ($1= 1.5 pounds of food) or canned food will be collected by various organizations, businesses, offices and departments.


What does this have to do with Fraternity and Sorority Life? Well, first off, we are definitely participating! More than that, many of the MSU Fraternities and Sororities have become “drop off” locations. This means that they will have a blue and gold box promoting Can the Griz at their location, which donations can be put in, starting on November 9th. Even better, this year the Fraternities and Sororities will not only be competing against each other to raise the most donations, but also collectively against the Fraternity and Sorority Community at University of Montana. If you didn’t already have incentive to help us out, that should be it!

So, which Fraternities and Sororities can you drop your donations at?

  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 810 S. 7th Ave.
  • Pi Beta Phi Sorority, 1304 south 5th Ave.
  • Chi Omega Sigma Beta, 405 West Garfield
  • Alpha Gamma Delta, 1206 S 6th Ave.
  • Sigma Chi, 722 S Willson Ave.
  • Kappa Sigma, 1120 South 6th
  • Alpha Omicron Pi, 1119 South 5th Ave.

We appreciate any donation that prospective and current members, alumni, or anyone can give! Remember that not only is it a fun competition, but a really great cause!


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