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Fireside: Mental Health and Stress



Each month, a “fireside” is offered for fraternity and sorority members to attend. “Fireside” is just a fancy word for a type of presentation or discussion with someone knowledgeable on a topic that is relevant to Fraternity and Sorority members. Topics can range from diabetes awareness, to information about alcohol and drunk driving, to our most current Fraternity and Sorority Fireside: Mental health and stress.

This Fireside was hosted at Sigma Phi Epsilon and presented by Aaron Grusonik, the Associate Dean of Students, and Louisa Carter, an intern at Counseling & Psychological Services. 60-70 Fraternity & Sorority members attended, and participated in a discussion about what stress looks like for them and how to handle it. We were also led in a mindfulness exercise by Louisa, which allowed everyone to see just how much tension we carry around!photo

What a great fireside to have as finals approach rather quickly and the stress builds! The next fireside will be in December for the Fraternities, about types of dangerous and distracted driving. Please feel free to speak up with suggestions for future fireside presentations!


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