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IFC and Panhel Socialize

photo 2

IFC and Panhel Exec

Last night was a joint Panhel (body representing the Sororities) and IFC (body representing the Fraternities) meeting, which all members of the Fraternities and Sororities were of course invited to and encouraged to attend. Here’s the basic outline of what happened:

photo 3

  • The officers of Panhel and IFC introduced themselves and what they do in their positions so that new members would know (See the first Blog for more info on IFC, stay tuned for Panhel)
  • Panhel and IFC officers gave their reports on what they are working on and what the Sororities/Fraternities need to work on or opportunities that have arisen
  • Each Sorority gave an update of what was happening in their chapter
  • Announcements were made, one about T-shirts being sold and one about Can the Griz!

After all that was done, cake and ice cream was provided so that new and active members could mingle and get to know everyone!

photo 1 photo 4


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