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Not In Our House


Last night was the second Not In Our House Task force meeting, which many representatives from the Fraternities and Sororities attended. This taskforce is a student-led organization that intends to make goals to change the culture at MSU surrounding sexual violence. The previous week was the first meeting, and a number of things were discussed, such as:

  • What can we do to change any current policies which are not working?
  • How can we make sure Freshmen are more informed?
  • How can we make sure the various groups and organizations we belong to are more informed and involved?
  • What can we do to empower our community?

At this meeting, representatives shared what they had brainstormed after the last meeting for their organization. These goals ranged from having the VOICE center do a one hour education session, to sleeping outside to raise awareness, to large fundraiser events. It was amazing to hear everyone’s ideas- so many things we can do in the Fraternity and Sorority system to ensure we have a positive culture, as well as things that we can all assist with that the other organizations are doing.

For the next meeting, in January, we will hear each groups final proposal of what they would like to do. Can’t wait to hear them!



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