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Not In Our House: Taskforce Meeting



The student-led  Not In Our House Taskforce met last night to continue their work towards changing thephoto 4 culture at MSU surrounding sexual violence, so that our campus may be a safe and violence free community. At the first meeting of the Taskforce, a number of topics were discussed surrounding how to keep groups, organizations and the community in general informed, involved, and empowered. All groups were given two goals to meet:

  1. Have the VOICE Center do a one hour education session with your group
  2. Hold an event to raise awareness and/or funds

As a part of the Taskforce, each Fraternity and Sorority is held to these obligations just as every other group is (ranging from Engineering Without Borders to QSA to different Athletic clubs).

photo 3

Congratulations to the Fraternities and Sororities who have completed the first goal:

As noted in a previous post, Sigma Chi is the first group that has completed both obligations, not only in the Fraternity and Sorority Community but of the groups on the Taskforce. That shows commitment.

We look forward to having all groups complete both of these goals, and continuing to fulfill our vision of a culture shift on campus, so that we all may live in a safe and empowered community.


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