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Fireside: Nutrition


4The first Fireside of the semester was this past Tuesday at Pi Kappa Alpha, for the Fraternities and Sororities to attend. If you don’t remember what a Fireside is, it is really just a presentation or talk with individuals from MSU or the Community on a specific topic. For this Fireside:

  • Topic: Nutrition. Specifically: Weekend Nutrition, since most Fraternities or Sororities have meals Monday-Thursday, and are left to fend for themselves on the weekends.
  • Presenters: Julie Goyette- Dietitian/Nutritionist for Student Health Service and Marie Nelson- Interim Health Education Specialist at Student Health Service

There were about 20 people present at this Fireside (it’s a busy week with exams and things due before spring break!). The presenters shared some information on nutrition, then broke the group up into smaller teams for a competition. All teams were assigned two items at a fast food place and had to report back the calories, fat, saturated fat and sodium in their “meal”. It’s a little scary how bad for you just one food item and one drink can be from a fast food place…

Julie also answered anonymous questions that were written down throughout the presentation, from how much exercise is “too much” to whether a vegetarian or vegan diet is a healthy diet.

Julie and Marie were great presenters and we hope they can present to us again!


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