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FS Life in ASMSU


Congratulations to Destini French, who has won the election to become ASMSU (student body government) President for the 2014-2015 Academic Year! Destini joined AOPi this past Fall, and has been a leader in the MSU community for much longer than that, as an Orientation Leader and Athletes Club President among other leadership commitments.

Destini French ran for President along with Jordan Garceau who ran as her vice-president. Here is the statement they put out when they ran:


L to R: Jordan Garceau, Destini French

“I am Destini French (Los Angeles, CA), and I am Jordan Garceau (Glendive, MT). We are running for ASMSU President and Vice-President, in order to represent the great student body of Montana State. Both of us have a wide range of experience in leadership across campus, including Orientation and Admissions, Athletics, Residence Life, Greek Life, and many others. With our wide variety of involvement throughout campus, we understand the needs of MSU. When in office, our main focus will be to bring the individuals of our campus together as one united community. We truly believe that without the support from the individuals in one’s environment, success is hard to obtain. As a team, we will work to make MSU students more involved, aware, and empowered, in order to make their experience most memorable. The campus has so many great services and opportunities just waiting to be utilized by students. We want our students to not only be knowledgeable about opportunities offered, but also feel comfortable to step out, take advantage, and grow in their own leadership abilities. If elected, we will connect the students and faculty across organizations and campus for the common goal of bettering MSU. “

Congratulations Destini and another congratualtions to Lexie Kambich from Chi Omega and Cody Howell from Sig. Ep., upcoming Senators in ASMSU for the College of Letters and Science. Way to represent!


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