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Recommend Someone!


Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Friendship.  These are the four pillars of Fraternity and Sorority Life that reflects the value of members. Do you know of a future or current MSU student, who should be considering membership in a chapter? If so, please submit a recommendation ,which will then be forwarded onto chapter recruitment officers.  Even if your prospective member has not expressed interest in Fraternity & Sorority life, recruitment officers/committee will gladly encourage participation and extend an invitation to visit with chapter members. There is no contract or obligation to join a chapter during recruitment. At the very least, they’ll be making new friends and getting a taste of being part of one of the most-motivated groups of students on campus.

For recommendations email:

List the name of the student, hometowns, high school, and parent information. Groups will be looking for testaments to the young man/woman and/or their family, involvements and activities during high school (or college if continuing student or transferring), and their academic record if possible (gpa). If you are recommending a person to a particular chapter, please highlight as such and it will be forwarded to that chapter.

By providing us with your prospective member, the student will be called noting they have been recommended, and your name may be shared with them. Often times, students feel good about being recommended and may further consider Fraternity & Sorority life membership because someone else thought they should. Thank you!


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