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Community: In House and Out


One of the things we in Fraternity & Sorority Life love the most is how strong the sense of community is.

You have your own small community in the chapter you join, where your brothers or sisters will support you in all that you do and push you to be the best you can. Every Fraternity & Sorority sets aside times during the semester where the whole chapter can spend time together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lip sync battle, community service, a dinner, or anything else- the point is, you get to spend time all together showing what Sororities & Fraternities feel so strongly about: Sisterhood & Brotherhood.

Outside of your chapter community, there is the greater Fraternity & Sorority Community. Each house is founded off of similar values and the members join for similar reasons, so it makes sense that we would naturally want to spend time with each other. To do this, all of the houses coordinate events throughout the year where they can get to know each other and continue to strengthen their relationships. Having a Fraternity & Sorority community to rely on and who understand what it means to be a part of an organization bigger than yourself is truly an amazing experience.


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