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A Visit from Ginny Carroll


To start off the semester, our Fraternity and Sorority executive council members got together to learn about how to lead effectively from Circle of Sisterhood founder, Ginny Carroll. At the 2016 Leadership Retreat, the new leaders learned about what truly defined a community, how generational and leadership differences affect communication, and how to effectively set goals and lead with a positive core. Ms. Carroll inspired the new executive council members to take charge of their offices but in the right way which will lead to success.

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The next night, Ms. Carroll presented to the entire community about the gift of
Fraternity and Sorority membership. She described that the best way to gain the most out of one’s membership was through dedication to a few simple principles: one’s ritual, sisterhood or brotherhood and lifetime involvement. Through nurturing these simple tenants, a fraternity man or sorority woman could learn much more from their time in their house and truly gain lifetime’s worth of connections.

In addition to pointing out how each member of the community was improving from their experience, Ms. Carroll presented how being a fraternity or sorority member set one out in the work place. Through the development of skills often seen missing in the millennial generation, work ethic, communication skills and professionalism, fraternity and sorority life gives each member a clear advantage when leaving college and entering the work place.

As a result of Ms. Carroll’s visit many members of the community have expressed more pride in being a member of a fraternity and sorority and of being a member of Montana State’s community. Through the development of goals at the Leadership Retreat, it is likely that the Montana State Fraternity and Sorority community will grow as a result of Ginny Carroll’s visit.

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