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2017 Fraternity & Sorority Life Awards

Each Spring, we have an awards ceremony celebrating the Fraternity and Sorority chapter and individual accomplishments of the previous year. All of the chapters fill out an awards packet, and then an Awards Committee go through them and determine which chapters will receive which awards. Current members, alumni, and distinguished faculty and staff attend to announce the awards. Read on to see how the night turned out!

Jessica Donahoo, Panhellenic President, and Garth Grimsrud, IFC president, were the announcers for the night. They did a fantastic job!

Dr. Chris Kearns was the Guest Speaker. Dr. Kearns serves as Vice President  for Student Success at Montana State University.   Prior to coming to Montana State, Chris served for 14 years at the University of Minnesota, and for 18 years at Indiana University.  His current projects are designed to advance student success at the intersection land-grant access and academic excellence.


Academic Excellence Awards were presented by Ed McKenna, Assistant Dean of Students, to the following chapters:

  • Sorority New Member Academic Excellence: Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Fraternity New Member Academic Excellence: Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Sorority Academic Excellence: Chi Omega
  • Fraternity Academic Excellence: Sigma Phi Epsilon

Campus Involvement Awards were presented by Brady Bollum, past IFC President, to the following chapters:

  • Sorority Campus Involvement Award: Chi Omega
  • Fraternity Campus Involvement Award: Sigma Phi Epsilon

Philanthropy and Community Service Awards were presented by Dr. Brian Kassar, Senior Staff member at CPS and advisor to SigEp, to the following chapters:

  • Sorority Philanthropy Award: Chi Omega
  • Fraternity Philanthropy Award: Alpha Gamma Rho
  • Sorority Community Service Award: Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Fraternity Community Service Award: Kappa Sigma

Recruitment Excellence Awards were presented by Erin MacDonald, Assistant Dean of Students, to the following chapters:

  • Sorority Membership Recruitment Excellence Award: Pi Beta Phi
  • Fraternity Membership Recruitment Excellence Award: Sigma Chi

Kappa Delta Scholarship presented by Erin Macdonald, Assistant Dean of Students:

  • Jacquelyn Merrill, Chi Omega

Member and New Member of the Year Awards were presented by Laura Wilson, advisor to Alpha Omicron Pi:

  • Sorority Member of the Year: Maria Rodriguez, Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Fraternity Member of the Year: Nathan Rizk, Sigma Nu
  • Sorority New Member of the Year: Adrienne Miller,Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Fraternity New Member of the Year: Todd Lackman, Sigma Phi Epsilon

 Alumni Excellence Awards presented by Jennifer Poser of the MSU Alumni Foundation to the following individuals: 

  • Susie Jessop, Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Jodi Mathews, Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Stephanie White, Chi Omega
  • Amber King, Pi Beta Phi
  • Bill Perry, Alpha Gamma Rho
  • Jerry Krause, Kappa Sigma
  • Glen Steinhoff, Sigma Nu
  • Brad Brown, Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Steve Liebmann, Sigma Phi Epsilon

The Advisor of the Year Awards were presented by Gianna Vanata of the MSU Alumni Foundation to the following Advisors:

  • Sorority Advisor of the Year: Dana Skorupa, advisor to Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Fraternity Advisor of the Year: Todd Eliason, Sigma Nu

Finally, the Most Improved Chapters and Chapter of the Year Awards were presented by Dr. Matt Caires, Dean of Students:

  • Most Improved Sorority: Pi Beta Phi
  • Most Improved Fraternity: Sigma Chi
  • Sorority of the Year: Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Fraternity of the Year: Sigma Chi

And so concluded the Awards Celebration. We look forward to another great year!



Order of Omega

For a quick overview: Order of Omega is a group made up of Fraternity and Sorority members who have attained a high level of academics and leadership, and who strive to contribute to the success of the Fraternity and Sorority community.

Initiation was last night; congratulations to the new initiates of Order of Omega!

photo 3

Elections were also last night; congratulations to the new executive board!

  • President: Emma Hannigan
  • Vice President: Madison Brown
  • Secretary: Katie Kelly
  • Treasurer: Cole Ratzburg
  • Co-Public Relations Chairs: Jenna Pinto and Lexie Kambich
Outgoing President Sydney Sherick (left) with incoming President Emma Hannigan (right)

Outgoing President Sydney Sherick (left) with incoming President Emma Hannigan (right)



Fireside: Mental Health and Stress


Each month, a “fireside” is offered for fraternity and sorority members to attend. “Fireside” is just a fancy word for a type of presentation or discussion with someone knowledgeable on a topic that is relevant to Fraternity and Sorority members. Topics can range from diabetes awareness, to information about alcohol and drunk driving, to our most current Fraternity and Sorority Fireside: Mental health and stress.

This Fireside was hosted at Sigma Phi Epsilon and presented by Aaron Grusonik, the Associate Dean of Students, and Louisa Carter, an intern at Counseling & Psychological Services. 60-70 Fraternity & Sorority members attended, and participated in a discussion about what stress looks like for them and how to handle it. We were also led in a mindfulness exercise by Louisa, which allowed everyone to see just how much tension we carry around!photo

What a great fireside to have as finals approach rather quickly and the stress builds! The next fireside will be in December for the Fraternities, about types of dangerous and distracted driving. Please feel free to speak up with suggestions for future fireside presentations!