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Fireside: Women’s Health

This past Tuesday was a fireside for the sororities only on Women’s Health, hosted at Chi Omega. A small group of women attended, and were able to ask questions regarding women’s health to a licensed staff member of the student health service on campus. Once everyone got all their questions out, the sorority women played a little condom bingo to test their knowledge. It was fun, and is always one of our most interesting firesides- we look forward to doing it again next year!


Fireside: Nutrition

4The first Fireside of the semester was this past Tuesday at Pi Kappa Alpha, for the Fraternities and Sororities to attend. If you don’t remember what a Fireside is, it is really just a presentation or talk with individuals from MSU or the Community on a specific topic. For this Fireside:

  • Topic: Nutrition. Specifically: Weekend Nutrition, since most Fraternities or Sororities have meals Monday-Thursday, and are left to fend for themselves on the weekends.
  • Presenters: Julie Goyette- Dietitian/Nutritionist for Student Health Service and Marie Nelson- Interim Health Education Specialist at Student Health Service

There were about 20 people present at this Fireside (it’s a busy week with exams and things due before spring break!). The presenters shared some information on nutrition, then broke the group up into smaller teams for a competition. All teams were assigned two items at a fast food place and had to report back the calories, fat, saturated fat and sodium in their “meal”. It’s a little scary how bad for you just one food item and one drink can be from a fast food place…

Julie also answered anonymous questions that were written down throughout the presentation, from how much exercise is “too much” to whether a vegetarian or vegan diet is a healthy diet.

Julie and Marie were great presenters and we hope they can present to us again!

Prepared to Prevent Hazing

Tracy Maxwell, a speaker from CampuSpeak, spoke last night to 350 members of the Fraternity and Sorority community about the damaging consequences of hazing, and the ways which we can come together to prevent hazing. Beyond what we hear about in the media, Tracy gave examples and stories of hazing that can seem “harmless”, and she used these stories to teach an important lesson: you never know what an individual has gone through. Something that may seem “harmless” to you, can be incredibly traumatic and damaging to another. Furthermore, how does it align with the term “brotherhood” or “sisterhood” to haze?

The Fraternity and Sorority community at MSU does not look at hazing as an acceptable way to have members prove their worth or belongingness to our chapters. Instead, we look for grades, leadership, and other qualities which align with our collective and individual values that our organizations have set and which we joined for.

Tracy shared with us a number of ways to prevent and stop hazing, from just making sure the dialogue about hazing is ongoing to taking action if you see it or hear of it happening. We look forward to taking on the challenges she has set before us, and preventing our community from joining the statistics.

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If you know of hazing which is happening or has happened, please make sure to reach out and get help; you never know what the consequences will be of letting it continue or what consequences have already occurred. Either talk to the institution to which the group belongs, or you can call the national toll-free anti-hazing hotline at 1-888-NOT-HAZE.

Fireside: Mental Health and Stress


Each month, a “fireside” is offered for fraternity and sorority members to attend. “Fireside” is just a fancy word for a type of presentation or discussion with someone knowledgeable on a topic that is relevant to Fraternity and Sorority members. Topics can range from diabetes awareness, to information about alcohol and drunk driving, to our most current Fraternity and Sorority Fireside: Mental health and stress.

This Fireside was hosted at Sigma Phi Epsilon and presented by Aaron Grusonik, the Associate Dean of Students, and Louisa Carter, an intern at Counseling & Psychological Services. 60-70 Fraternity & Sorority members attended, and participated in a discussion about what stress looks like for them and how to handle it. We were also led in a mindfulness exercise by Louisa, which allowed everyone to see just how much tension we carry around!photo

What a great fireside to have as finals approach rather quickly and the stress builds! The next fireside will be in December for the Fraternities, about types of dangerous and distracted driving. Please feel free to speak up with suggestions for future fireside presentations!