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Panhellenic Transitions

This past Wednesday, our Panhellenic Council transitioned its officers. The 2015 Officers handed over their positions to the new officers for the upcoming calendar year. The old and new officers are as follows:

2015 Outgoing Officers:

  • President: Kenzie Redmond, Pi Beta Phi
  • Vice President: Ali Miller, Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Secretary: Madison Hansen, Chi Omega
  • Treasurer: Rachel Gunnink, Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Recruitment: Mackenzie Dubeau, Pi Beta Phi
  • Standards: Shelby Meyers, Alpha Omicron Pi

2016 Incoming Officers:

  • President: Madison Hansen, Chi Omega
  • Vice President: Dallas Fargo, Pi Beta Phi
  • Secretary: Jessica Donahoo, Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Treasurer: Malka Katz, Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Recruitment: Mackenzie Dubeau, Pi Beta Phi
  • Public Relations: Kendra Faulkner, Chi Omega
  • Standards: Savannah Leidholt, Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Assistant Recruitment: Becca Shipp, Chi Omega

Thank you to our outgoing Panhellenic Officers for doing such a wonderful job this past year and congratulations to our new 2016 officers!


Panhellenic Achievement

We would like to congratulate our Montana State Panhellenic Council! This year they were selected as a recipient of the National Panhellenic Conference College Panhellenic Achievement Award!

Panhellenic council in front of Montana Hall

Panhellenic council in front of Montana Hall

This award recognizes the success of Montana State University Panhellenic in upholding the values and ideals of a Panhellenic through areas such as recruitment, Panhellenic structure, judicial procedures, academics and community impact and relations. Our campus’s Panhellenic Council was one of 43 campuses selected to receive this achievement award! To read about the other campuses who received awards, click here.

Congratulations to our sorority women and thank you for your wonderful leadership!

Get Involved!

Looking to get involved on campus? Joining a Fraternity or Sorority may be the perfect way to do it! If you ever go to an MSU involvement fair, check out our booths.

2015 Leadership Retreat: Starting the Year off Right

2015 is off to a strong start for Sorority & Fraternity Life after the annual Leadership Retreat on Tuesday, January 13th. Presidents from each chapter came together with leaders from IFC and Panhellenic from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm to gain skills and knowledge regarding leadership and engage in discussion about their goals for this year. The schedule was as follows:

  • 9:00-10:00: Introductions and opening session by: Jaynee Groseth, President Emerita MSU Alumni Assoc.; Rolf Groseth, MSU Billings Chancellor; and Matt Caires, Dean of Students
  • 10:00-12:00: Strengths Assessment with Amy Snyder, Assistant Director of Residence Life
  • 12:00-1:00: Lunch with advisor and faculty guest
  • 1:00-2:00: Guest Speakers- Janell Barber from The Office of Institutional Equity, Hannah Stark and Joe Schumacher from the VOICE Center, and Rachel Randash from The Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success
  • 2:00-3:00: Presidents/ IFC/ Panhellenic goal setting and round table discussion led by Panhellenic President Kenzie Redmond and IFC President Colton Coffee
  • 3:00-4:00: QPR Suicide Training with Brian Kassar

The Fraternity and Sorority Leaders left prepared for and looking forward to a fantastic semester!

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Upcoming Event: Tracy Maxwell

Mark your calendars: On February 11th at 7pm, Tracy Maxwell is coming to MSU, sponsored for the Fraternity/Sorority Community by Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, IFC and Panhellenic.

Tracy will be here to speak to us about hazing. We look forward to always being further educated on this so we can ensure we are following MSUs strict policies against hazing. Check out this quote from Tracy Maxwell’s website:

“Tracy Maxwell believes one of the best things we can do about hazing is to talk about the problem openly and honestly. She realizes there is confusion about the definitions, laws and policies and the consequences of hazing.

Her goal is to help students understand both their legal liability and moral responsibility, and most of all, to empower them to do something about hazing in their community.”

We look forward to strengthening our bonds and dedication to remaining a hazing free community through this event.


New Year, New Goals

Spring Semester 2014 begins, and the Fraternity and Sorority Community is more ready than ever… check it out!


The Fraternity and Sorority Community kicked off the semester with a leadership retreat. Leaders from each chapter attended, more than one from some chapters, and engaged in 7 hours of skill building, discussions, and goal setting. Here’s what the general schedule consisted of:


Guest presenter Angela Patnode, a transformational life coach, facilitated the first part of the retreat from 8am until noon. Angela has much experience in helping individuals to find peace within themselves so that they may live with a purpose and passion. For the Fraternity and Sorority members, she focused on the idea of developing leadership potential by understanding who you are as an individual and a leader. She also led a portion on what it means to communicate effectively and how to approach conflict in our lives or Fraternities and Sororities. All the Fraternity and Sorority members in attendance took a great deal of knowledge from Angela’s presentation and we are thankful that she was there to facilitate this retreat!

CIMG1471Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council presidents, Ashlyn Alsberg and Joel Pratt, facilitated the second portion of the retreat. They began with the Sorority and Fraternity members working together to set  goals for the upcoming year. An example of one of the goals they set is ensuring that there are more Fraternity and Sorority Events which allow us to get to know each other and become a stronger community, such as the Sorority Progressive Dinner see on this blog. After setting combined goals, Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council split up so that the Sororities and Fraternities could talk about goals that they wanted to reach separately, such as the Women wanting to make Sorority Recruitment even better.

Everyone left this retreat feeling motivated and prepared for the upcoming semester. We are looking forward to a fantastic Spring Semester for the Fraternities and Sororities!

A Slice of Gratitude


The results are in: Alpha Gamma Rho and Chi Omega contributed to Can the Griz with the most donations out of the Fraternities and Sororities. As promised, IFC and Panhel provided a pizza party to each group. We weren’t able to get pictures of Chi Omega’s pizza party, but here’s a great one of some Alpha Gamma Rho men:




IFC and Panhel Socialize

photo 2

IFC and Panhel Exec

Last night was a joint Panhel (body representing the Sororities) and IFC (body representing the Fraternities) meeting, which all members of the Fraternities and Sororities were of course invited to and encouraged to attend. Here’s the basic outline of what happened:

photo 3

  • The officers of Panhel and IFC introduced themselves and what they do in their positions so that new members would know (See the first Blog for more info on IFC, stay tuned for Panhel)
  • Panhel and IFC officers gave their reports on what they are working on and what the Sororities/Fraternities need to work on or opportunities that have arisen
  • Each Sorority gave an update of what was happening in their chapter
  • Announcements were made, one about T-shirts being sold and one about Can the Griz!

After all that was done, cake and ice cream was provided so that new and active members could mingle and get to know everyone!

photo 1 photo 4

The Sororities Progress

photo 3

Panhellenic council hosted the first sorority progressive dinner last night, and it was a blast! The night began at Alpha Gamma Delta, with vegetable shish kabobs, bread and dip. Next up was Pi Beta Phi with meatballs, spring rolls, and veggies and then on to Chi Omega for some grilled veggies and pink lemonade. Lastly, Alpha Omicron Pi came through with some pretty amazing chocolate mousse. At all houses there was the constant buzz of conversation as the sorority women spent time together and bonded.

1393889_681389418552369_320900929_nphoto 2

Everyone had so much fun; we all left happy and full! There’s talk of making it happen once a semester now, so that the sororities can continue getting to know each other- I support that idea!