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2017 Fraternity & Sorority Life Awards

Each Spring, we have an awards ceremony celebrating the Fraternity and Sorority chapter and individual accomplishments of the previous year. All of the chapters fill out an awards packet, and then an Awards Committee go through them and determine which chapters will receive which awards. Current members, alumni, and distinguished faculty and staff attend to announce the awards. Read on to see how the night turned out!

Jessica Donahoo, Panhellenic President, and Garth Grimsrud, IFC president, were the announcers for the night. They did a fantastic job!

Dr. Chris Kearns was the Guest Speaker. Dr. Kearns serves as Vice President  for Student Success at Montana State University.   Prior to coming to Montana State, Chris served for 14 years at the University of Minnesota, and for 18 years at Indiana University.  His current projects are designed to advance student success at the intersection land-grant access and academic excellence.


Academic Excellence Awards were presented by Ed McKenna, Assistant Dean of Students, to the following chapters:

  • Sorority New Member Academic Excellence: Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Fraternity New Member Academic Excellence: Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Sorority Academic Excellence: Chi Omega
  • Fraternity Academic Excellence: Sigma Phi Epsilon

Campus Involvement Awards were presented by Brady Bollum, past IFC President, to the following chapters:

  • Sorority Campus Involvement Award: Chi Omega
  • Fraternity Campus Involvement Award: Sigma Phi Epsilon

Philanthropy and Community Service Awards were presented by Dr. Brian Kassar, Senior Staff member at CPS and advisor to SigEp, to the following chapters:

  • Sorority Philanthropy Award: Chi Omega
  • Fraternity Philanthropy Award: Alpha Gamma Rho
  • Sorority Community Service Award: Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Fraternity Community Service Award: Kappa Sigma

Recruitment Excellence Awards were presented by Erin MacDonald, Assistant Dean of Students, to the following chapters:

  • Sorority Membership Recruitment Excellence Award: Pi Beta Phi
  • Fraternity Membership Recruitment Excellence Award: Sigma Chi

Kappa Delta Scholarship presented by Erin Macdonald, Assistant Dean of Students:

  • Jacquelyn Merrill, Chi Omega

Member and New Member of the Year Awards were presented by Laura Wilson, advisor to Alpha Omicron Pi:

  • Sorority Member of the Year: Maria Rodriguez, Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Fraternity Member of the Year: Nathan Rizk, Sigma Nu
  • Sorority New Member of the Year: Adrienne Miller,Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Fraternity New Member of the Year: Todd Lackman, Sigma Phi Epsilon

 Alumni Excellence Awards presented by Jennifer Poser of the MSU Alumni Foundation to the following individuals: 

  • Susie Jessop, Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Jodi Mathews, Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Stephanie White, Chi Omega
  • Amber King, Pi Beta Phi
  • Bill Perry, Alpha Gamma Rho
  • Jerry Krause, Kappa Sigma
  • Glen Steinhoff, Sigma Nu
  • Brad Brown, Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Steve Liebmann, Sigma Phi Epsilon

The Advisor of the Year Awards were presented by Gianna Vanata of the MSU Alumni Foundation to the following Advisors:

  • Sorority Advisor of the Year: Dana Skorupa, advisor to Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Fraternity Advisor of the Year: Todd Eliason, Sigma Nu

Finally, the Most Improved Chapters and Chapter of the Year Awards were presented by Dr. Matt Caires, Dean of Students:

  • Most Improved Sorority: Pi Beta Phi
  • Most Improved Fraternity: Sigma Chi
  • Sorority of the Year: Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Fraternity of the Year: Sigma Chi

And so concluded the Awards Celebration. We look forward to another great year!



Exceptional Community Growth

This past year has seen unprecedented growth for Fraternity and Sorority Life. Through hard work during recruitment the community is on the rise.

The sorority community is blossoming as a result of recruitment. The women decided to try hosting formal recruitment on the weekend rather than during the school week in order to decrease class conflicts and promote retention. This choice did just that. The sorority population saw an 18% size increase in the past year and the average chapter size increased from 66 members to 71 members. Through the continued work of Panhellenic Council and the four sororities, this growth will likely continue.


The fraternity community is also prospering as a result of recruitment. Although the men do not have a formal recruitment process, their recruitment events were equally fruitful this year. The fraternity population saw a 13% increase leading to the average chapter size increasing from 45 members to 52 members. With the help of IFC and the continued collaboration between the seven fraternities, this growth should be sustained.


In total, the fraternity and sorority community saw a 15% increase in size, the largest growth the community has seen the several years. The community population size has risen to 650 members. This phenomenal community growth would not have been possible without the hard work of Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Erin MacDonald Peck.

Panhellenic Transitions

This past Wednesday, our Panhellenic Council transitioned its officers. The 2015 Officers handed over their positions to the new officers for the upcoming calendar year. The old and new officers are as follows:

2015 Outgoing Officers:

  • President: Kenzie Redmond, Pi Beta Phi
  • Vice President: Ali Miller, Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Secretary: Madison Hansen, Chi Omega
  • Treasurer: Rachel Gunnink, Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Recruitment: Mackenzie Dubeau, Pi Beta Phi
  • Standards: Shelby Meyers, Alpha Omicron Pi

2016 Incoming Officers:

  • President: Madison Hansen, Chi Omega
  • Vice President: Dallas Fargo, Pi Beta Phi
  • Secretary: Jessica Donahoo, Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Treasurer: Malka Katz, Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Recruitment: Mackenzie Dubeau, Pi Beta Phi
  • Public Relations: Kendra Faulkner, Chi Omega
  • Standards: Savannah Leidholt, Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Assistant Recruitment: Becca Shipp, Chi Omega

Thank you to our outgoing Panhellenic Officers for doing such a wonderful job this past year and congratulations to our new 2016 officers!

Bobcat Homecoming

Homecoming weekend was very exciting for our Fraternity and Sorority community. Many of our houses started off the weekend with barbecues and get-togethers with visiting alumni. In addition to hosting events, all the houses put together floats for the homecoming parade Saturday morning. The themes for the floats were varied but the Bobcat spirit was the same! After attending the parade, the next stop was the homecoming football game!

2015 Homecoming Court

2015 Homecoming Court

This year our Bobcat Homecoming Court had many Fraternity and Sorority members on it. All of the homecoming king candidates were members of fraternities and 3 out of the 4 homecoming queen candidates were members of sororities! Our 2015 Homecoming Court was:

  • Cali Christiansen and Chris Eddlemon (Sigma Chi)
  • Karly Terrell (Chi Omega) and Colt Coffee (Sigma Chi)
  • Shannon Bangen (Chi Omega) and Cody Howell (Sigma Phi Epsilon)
  • Laura Wilson (Alpha Omicron Pi) and John Miller (Pi Kappa Alpha)

We would like to congratulate Cali Christiansen and Chris Eddlemon for being selected as Homecoming Queen and Homecoming King this year!

The Fraternity and Sorority community enjoyed sharing our Bobcat spirit with our alumni and our community this weekend and we can’t wait to do so again!

Panhellenic Achievement

We would like to congratulate our Montana State Panhellenic Council! This year they were selected as a recipient of the National Panhellenic Conference College Panhellenic Achievement Award!

Panhellenic council in front of Montana Hall

Panhellenic council in front of Montana Hall

This award recognizes the success of Montana State University Panhellenic in upholding the values and ideals of a Panhellenic through areas such as recruitment, Panhellenic structure, judicial procedures, academics and community impact and relations. Our campus’s Panhellenic Council was one of 43 campuses selected to receive this achievement award! To read about the other campuses who received awards, click here.

Congratulations to our sorority women and thank you for your wonderful leadership!

Ambitious Alumnae

This summer, our alumni have been busy! Several members of Fraternity and Sorority Life have been making significant impacts on their communities and getting recognition for their talent and leadership.


Sydney Sherick, alumna of Alpha Omicron Pi, was awarded the Collegiate Women of Leadership award at her sorority’s National Conference in Los Angeles this year. The award is given to collegiate women who clearly demonstrate outstanding leadership. In her years as an active member of her sorority, Sydney clearly showed that she lived up to the standards of AOII’s impressive award!

IMG_6774sCheyenne Stirling, alumna of Alpha Gamma Delta, was MSU’s first recipient of a Jerry O’Neal National Park Service Student Fellowship which has been allowing her to research the bat populations in Glacier National Park. Her fieldwork has been focusing on where the bats currently roost and prefer to roost; this will help the park prepare for the arrival of white nose syndrome. For more information about Cheyenne’s award and research, click here.

Fullbright scholar Megan Rothstein. MSU photo by Kelly Gorham

MSU photo by Kelly Gorham

Megan Rothstein, also an alumna of Alpha Gamma Delta, received a Fulbright Scholarship to continue her research on Parkinson’s disease at the University of Bonn’s Institute for Reconstructive Neurobiology in Germany. She was awarded MSU’s first Fulbright research fellowship to Germany in the school’s history! For more information about Megan’s scholarship and research, click here.

These are three examples of the incredible alumni coming from our Fraternity and Sorority community. We can’t wait to see where their careers take them!

Enjoying the Summer!

The members of our Fraternity and Sorority have been very busy this summer! Between internships and international travel, these men and women have been making memories that will last a lifetime!

Recently, several of our sorority women have attended their national conferences! From the big smiles on their faces, you can tell that they are very excited about the ideas and plans they are going to bring back to Montana State this year!

agd conference indianapolispiphi conference chicago

Members of Alpha Gamma Delta traveled to Indianapolis for their International Conference. The women of Pi Beta Phi traveled to Chicago.
aopi conferenceWe would like to offer our congratulations to Alpha Omicron Pi! At their national conference this year they won awards for  Excellence in Rituals, Excellence in Membership Recruitment, Excellence in Risk Management, Honorable Mention for Excellence in Campus Involvement, and Honorable Mention for Excellence in Community Involvement! Wow!

Several members of the community have been traveling and sharing their experiences with us. It looks members of Montana State’s Fraternity and Sorority community have been on just about every continent this summer! Below are some of their adventures!

agds at parthenon honors

Several sorority women, including the three Alpha Gamma Deltas above, traveled to Greece with the Honors College to explore the legacies of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

aopi exploring montana

Member of Alpha Omicron Pi throws what she knows while hiking around the mountains in Montana.

ChiO in Key West

Member of Chi Omega enjoys the sun in Key West, Florida!

piphi in alaska

Member of Pi Beta Phi throws what she knows while traveling in Alaska.

sigep national fraternity greece trip

President of Sigma Phi Epsilon (middle of group) travels with his National Fraternity to Greece to explore the ancient culture his fraternity was founded on.

kappa sigs exploring mountains

Members of Kappa Sigma take their flag with them as they explore the mountains!

ChiO  backpacking in Europe

Member of Chi Omega taking a quick break during a backpacking trip across Europe!

sig ep paraglide training

Member of Sigma Phi Epsilon getting ready to go paragliding!

piphis interning Zambia

Several members of Pi Beta Phi traveled to Zambia, Africa for an internship!

pike beijing language studies program

Member of Pi Kappa Alpha traveled to Beijing, China for a summer language studies program.

Clearly, the members of our Fraternity and Sorority community are making the most of their summer! We can’t wait to hear about their travels and the memories they have made!

Caring About Our Community

Our Sorority Women and Fraternity Men dedicate much of their time and effort to give back to the community. Two great examples:

The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon worked with Habitat for Humanity in April and accomplished a great deal on the house they were working to build.


The men of Kappa Sigma helped the Cancer Support Community by giving a fence the staining it needed!


The men of Alpha Gamma Rho had no problem heading to Townsend, MT to help a friend at a ranch, or heading to Big Timber, MT to help rebuild a baseball field



The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, as many of the Fraternities do, hosted a blood drive this spring. No pictures from that, since we don’t want to make anyone squeamish!

The Women of Pi Beta Phi lended a hand at the Montana Ballet Company’s “Carnival of the Animals”


The men of Kappa Sigma and the women of Alpha Omicron Pi teamed up to get students to “Take the Pledge” to raise awareness of sexual assault on our campus


Greek Week 2015

Greek week, a friendly competition among the fraternities and sorority, was held in April this year. A committee had worked hard all semester to determine the competitions and point breakdowns, receiving input from fraternity and sorority members and revising the previous years competitions. Here is the breakdown of what the week entailed:

Round One: Bubble Soccer

Round 2: Lip Sync

Round 3: Chariot Races (see our facebook page for video)

End of Greek Week: BBQ at Kappa Sigma

The competitions were fun and friendly. Pi Beta Phi received the winning title, but it was a close match!

Get Involved!

Looking to get involved on campus? Joining a Fraternity or Sorority may be the perfect way to do it! If you ever go to an MSU involvement fair, check out our booths.